Twelfth studio album from the pillars of the Slovak alternative scene.

On this album, Longital has invited a guest from London - Andrej Bako, English electronic producer and sound designer. In 2009, he created a remix for their song Konečne si letel. They have been united by friendship ever since, and now they have decided to revisit their creative collaboration.
The theme of the album is revolving around getting rid of unnecessary things, observing life in its ordinary flow and simplifying it.
Dočista will contain ten songs. As part of your pre-order, you will receive the first song Tvoje vojská in your inbox as a thank you for your trust and support.
Daniel Salontay: guitars and other string instruments, recording, mix
Shina: vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, OP1 synthesizer
Andrej Bako: beats and electronic materials, sounds.
Supported by Nadácia SPP, SOZA, Hudobný fond and using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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