The album Zaobraz is inspired by the paintings of Alexander Salontay, who painted and did not exhibit all his life. Quietly, stubbornly, alone, without claiming to the attention of the breathless world. Now available as a vinyl. 

The release was published on the occasion of a large exhibition of a lifelong work of Alexander Salontay in the Ján Koniark Gallery in Trnava in the summer of 2020. The retrospective of the completed work was also the debut of an 83-year-old author. 1,5 year later, the album Zaobraz is also released on a 12" vinyl as a 50-piece limited edition.
When composing music, Daniel did not illustrate specific paintings or themes, but rather was fascinated by the art of the acronym, the reduction of the use of repetitive minimalist techniques, playing with geometry and color. Just as paintings were created, this music was created in silence and solitude, often only one sounding guitar and many empty strings on it.
The creation of music was supported from public sources of The Slovak Arts Council.

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